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Hello and Welcome to Stable Body Physical Therapy!

I figured you should meet the faces behind this profile! My name is Michelle and I’m the owner and founder of Stable Body Physical Therapy, LLC. I’ve been a competitive 3 Day Eventer for the last 12 years and this lovely mare in this photo is my mare Frenchi.

I have my Doctorate of Physical Therapy.
Here’s how we got here:

I spent a lot of time in my undergrad education in Exercise Science learning about sport performance, conditioning, and biomechanics for traditional sports. I was disheartened to see that there is SO MUCH information and research in traditional sports yet practically nothing at all for equestrians specifically.

In graduate school, I was determined to learn all I could to successfully support equestrian athletes in my career. I’ve assisted with research development on injury prevalence in this industry. It helped me find my passion for concussion management and performance based PT for equestrian athletes specifically.

I’m now finishing up my Certified Equine Rehab Professional program at the University of Tennessee. This allows me to be able to assess biomechanics of both rider AND horse and to give appropriate treatment plans to benefit the pair. The equine assessment is a collaborative assessment with the horse’s veterinarian - so I’m excited to be a part of that team!

I’m here because there is a Stable Body in all of us. I want to help support equine + equestrian athletes ot get the musculoskeletal support that most other traditional sports have had for decades.

Post by Michelle Correia-Jeffers
October 6, 2023


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