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Equine Rehab

Stable Body Physical Therapy - Michelle Correia-Jeffers - Beaverton, OR - equine rehab

What is Equine Rehab?

In human medicine, it’s common practice for patients to be referred to a physical therapist for musculoskeletal pain or biomechanical impairments. With equine medicine, there isn’t a clear medical provider there to provide that service.

Certified equine rehab practicioners are there to bridge that gap in equine medicine with collaboration from your veterinarian. When a human is injured, a physical therapist is able to appropriately treat and return to sport safely. The same rule applies to our equine partners. Adding a Certified Equine Rehab Practicioner to your horse’s support team is a great step to ensuring they can achieve their optimal potential!

Equine Physical Therapy can benefit a variety of musculoskelal, neurological, and chronic conditions. It can also be beneficial to add to your programming for injury prevention and conditioning.

ALL equine treatment requires a formal referral from your veterinarian. This allows for collaboration between the whole medical team and ensures your horse receives the highest level of care.

Treatments are tailored to each equine athlete’s needs. Treatment options include: soft tissue mobilization, joint mobility, stretching, neuromuscular coordination and motor pattern training, proprioception training, as well as discipline-specific conditioning programming.

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