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At Stable Body Physical Therapy we have a wide array of services to help horse and rider feel their best in and out of the ring.


Equestrian Physical Therapy

Sport-Specific Physical Therapy evaluation for the equestrian athlete. This session is typically 1.5 hours in length and evaluates rider movement in-the-saddle and out-of-the-saddle. This is to improve rider position, decrease compensations, and reduce pain. This is for any riding discipline!

Follow up if an additional appointment is scheduled within 18 months of evaluation.

This can also be done in a clinic-specific setup for barns that have multiple riders. Please contact us for clinic scheduling.

Equine Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation evaluation for the equine athlete REQUIRES a veterinary referral on file. This ensures that there is communication with the veterinary team to collaborate and ensure the best program is created for your horse. This can be for a specific injury or for performance enhancement or injury prevention! This is for any riding discipline.

Follow up if an additional appointment s scheduled within 18 months of evaluation.


Clinic + Show Support

Do you have a lot of riders in your program that can’t seem to keep their leg from swinging? Or maybe several riders really collapse through the turns? Then it might be time to set up a Biomechanics clinic! Dr. Michelle does travel through Oregon + Washington to provide rider physiotherapy sessions. Auditors may be available depending on location for a fee.

Dr. Michelle also travels along the show circuit for the spring and summertime to provide at-show treatments for riders + horses (with DVM referral). This is a way to reduce injury and improve performance! Do you have a show you want to have Stable Body support at? Let’s chat!

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